Saturday, 9 August 2014

Herbal Essences 'Bee Strong'

I haven't used Herbal Essences products for donkeys years. Not since I was at secondary school (19 years ago!!). I loved the scent and the incredible shine they gave my hair; I have no idea why I stopped using the range. I suspect I was seduced by newer products with flashier packaging and inflated prices *hangs head in shame*

Herbal Essences Bee Strong Shampoo

The 'Bee Strong' shampoo was absolutely gorgeous, a lovely yellow pearly colour with a subtle happy summer scent. Not exactly 'honey' but lovely all the same. The kids loved it, my husband liked it, and I loved it. It lasted around 6 weeks with all of us using it. My boys have very short hair and my husband rocks a shaved head, I have a short pixie crop so none of us have to use much shampoo. I could definitely see the boys had very shiny hair from using this, and mine was just as shiny as my previous shampoo (but at a fraction of the price).

This shampoo is supposed to strengthen your hair shaft and is aimed at damaged hair, I'm not sure if it made a difference strength wise but my hair was definitely sitting well/looking less ravaged despite my serious love affair with my straighteners and hair dyes.

This will be repurchased unless the 'Hello Hydration' version is better- it is the next one from my Superdrug online haul to try. My eldest son has asked me to get again just for him, and took some convincing that we need to try and use the next one before buying any more.

I also purchased the accompanying 'Bee Strong' strengthening intensive conditioning mask. I never buy 'normal' conditioner as I have so many tubes from all the box hair dyes I use, and only use a tiny bit as I have such short hair. I am running low on hair treatments, so thought I would try this for an intensive once weekly conditioning treatment.

Herbal Essences Bee Strong Strengthening Intensive Mask Conditioner

The mask has a thick creamy consistency and is white in colour, with the same scent as the shampoo. As I intended to use this as a weekly pampering treat, I washed my hair and slapped this on all over my hair and left it in all day as I did face masks, my nails, caught up on You Tube never seemed to rinse out as the tub says it will, so I always ended up having to wash it out. I don't mind doing this as I like to wash my hair daily anyway (I know I shouldn't but I like my hair and scalp to feel clean) and as I leave it in all day it's nice to wash from head to toe in a steamy shower.

As a conditioner it is so-so, as an intensive conditioner it seems no better than leaving a regular conditioner on my hair all day. I will finish using it up (or putting it in the 'bag of crap' my girlfriends and I share out with each other) but definitely will not be repurchasing. Perhaps if I had long hair it would be a fairer test, but I can see no benefit to using this over any other conditioner, whereas the shampoo has become a firm favourite.

I got these from Superdrug online when they were on offer, and having just checked they still are! Find the range here.

Caiti xxx

*Product purchased with my own money*

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