Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Philip Kingsley Moisture Balancing mini's (from Marks and Spencer)

Having long been a fan of Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer I've often looked at their other products but always walked away, purely due to the price tag. I have never bought a designer/high-end shampoo or conditioner, I like most of the drugstore/budget ones I have tried so have never been able to justify a splurge to myself. Then Marks and Spencer sent me a 20% off email....cue hours of filling up my online basket pretending I was able to afford it all! Instead I settled on this cute wee box;

Philip Kingsley Soft and Shiny Try Me Kit Moisture Balance shampoo, Moisture Balance Conditioner, Elasticizer
The Soft and Shiny Try Me Kit contains 20ml tubes of Moisture Balancing shampoo, Moisture Balancing conditioner, and of course Elasticizer.
This kit cost me £4 from Marks and Spencer (free delivery to store), and was a great way for me to actually try a posh branded shampoo and conditioner. It is a real shame that it isn't easier to pick up proper trial sized high end products like this, I would love to try some of the TIGI line and the much raved about Kerastase brand but I am not prepared to pay A LOT of money on something that may be no better than a supermarket's own brand/value product.
Philip Kingsley Soft and Shiny Try Me Kit, Moisture Balancing shampoo, Moisture Balancing conditioner, Elasticizer
The shampoo is clear with a slight yellow tinge, it has a slight herbal scent to it but it is not revolting. Once the shampoo is lathered up, the scent changes to a pleasant 'clean' smell. The lather is creamy and effortless, this was a surprise to me and a lovely experience. The shampoo rinses out extremely well and doesn't leave that horrid squeaky clean feeling, not does it leave my hair feeling coated in silicone (I always think THIS is going to happen!).
The conditioner's scent is almost non-existent and is coloured white. It feels just like any other conditioner to be honest, however, I have substituted my hero Aussie 3minute Miracle conditioner and I do prefer the combination of the Kingsley products together. They do seem to work beautifully together, and I can get to day 3 without washing my hair using them (as opposed to washing every day- I need my hair to feel clean, smell good and shine like the moon on a calm sea!) which has never been achieved using drugstore products. I don't have greasy hair, neither is it particularly dry, I would describe it as 'normal' (the neurotic owner not so much!).
The Elasticizer is a real Marmite product; some swear by it (me!!) and some people can see or feel no benefit in using it whatsoever. Personally I use it at least once a week, whack a whole heap ontop of sprayed wet hair and leave it on for as long as possible (all day and overnight when possible) before washing it out. The instructions say at least 10 minutes before shampooing, but I would really recommend leaving it on for at least 40 minutes (optimum time for the hair shaft to absorb the product). It makes my hair feel softer, look bouncier and shinier and even my husband notices the is a pricey item though, and I really think it needs to be used regularly for its full effect to be seen, which obviously is going to cost serious money in the long run. I would be prepared to keep paying for the effects though-luckily I have quite a few mini tubes from previous beauty boxes I was subscribed to last year, and some that came free in magazines (yes I bought the magazines purely for the Elasticizer!), so don't need to shell out just yet.
Overall I enjoyed this wee taster box and will absolutely be keeping an eye out for the Moisture Balancing range being on offer (Christmas sales woohoo!) as I'm actually missing the products now they have been used up.
This particular kit is no longer available on Marks and Spencer's website, but these are.
What are your experiences of using high-end/professional hair care ranges; are there any that really stand out (positively and negatively)?
*UPDATE- I couldn't go back to using other shampoo's so brought a 200ml bottle from and a 75ml of the conditioner (I have short hair so don't need a big bottle). Feel Unique also have the try me kits that M&S no longer have in stock for the same price. To be a complete enabler I recommend looking at the Half Discount website for codes (and signing up to the Feel Unique newsletter for their very good sales). Happy shopping :0)
Caiti xxx
*Products purchased with my own money*


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