Monday, 19 January 2015


OK this isn't a typical post, but I have been relying heavily on SoundCloud for the past few months as my source of 'decent' music.

Yes I have turned into my Mother and think the majority of music I hear on the radio is utter pants!

I love that I can create playlists (mine are mood dependent) and get to hear genres that I would typically be oblivious to. My true love is all of the mashups- I never ceased to be amazed at the combination of songs that work so well when merged into one. One of my absolute favourites is this one a fabulous combination of the Prodigy and Enya!

SoundCloud is free and some tunes are available to download, others are listen only. Lots of DJ's share their sets and mixes, and many less well known artists and unsigned acts use SoundCloud as a platform to showcase their talents. A fantastic Cornish reggae group called Backbeat Soundsystem share their older and new material (check them out here) and  Cornish DJ Lord Jord who plays and mixes outstanding funk can be found here.

If you haven't discovered SoundCloud, do yourself a massive favour and spend an afternoon searching around on the site. If you already use SoundCloud feel free to follow me here and share your favourite tunes with me.

Caiti xxx

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