Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Eylure Pro-Brow Dybrow Dye Kit

Having stopped getting my brows waxed regularly 18 months ago, due to the obvious skin damage this particular beautician was causing with her so-called HD Brow treatment, I have decided I trust no one but myself to nurture my sparse over plucked in the 90's brows.

For a good year now I have been covering them in castor oil at every opportunity and only tweezing the very obviously stray hairs, in a bid for them to resemble actual eyebrows in their pitiful natural state. I have also been dying them to help me see any natural patterns emerging and help me use less eyebrow pencil in the mornings.

Using a dye helps to darken any lighter hairs that the naked eye doesn't see, which helps my brows look fuller and gives me hope that they are actually growing back after decades of abuse. 

Here they are prior to dying-note the marked difference in shape and thickness, I truly have no idea how I managed to achieve this considering they were so symmetrical as a young teenager boohoo :(

I use the black colour and this is what comes inside the box; instruction booklet, colour cream tube 5ml (black), activator 10ml bottle, applicator (like a mascara wand/spoolie), a mixing stick and the plastic case has a well to mix the chemicals into.

It really is very simple to use- after cleaning and drying your brows, mix a 2cm line of colour cream with 5 drops of the activating solution in the well until creamy, apply to the brows with the spoolie (avoiding surrounding skin-I don't use Vaseline/barrier cream but the instructions strongly suggest you do), leave on for a maximum of 5minutes before gently wiping off with cotton wool pad soaked in water. Ta-dah! All done for 6 weeks, unless you use OCM (oil cleansing method) like I do, in which case I need to re-dye every 4 weeks or so.

Ten minutes every 6 weeks for better looking brows yes please! For your viewing pleasure here is a super flattering picture of me with the dye on ;and yes it does look like I have been using a sharpie!)

Bootiful! As you can see I have dyed well below and above my brows, this is because I want to get every damn hair available! My brows are so thin and non existent it is important to me that I catch every potential brow hair with the dye. I only dye my brows at night because I am left with a greenish-shadow having deliberately dyed the skin. It completely comes off with the following morning's cleanse though.  

Can you see a difference? I certainly do (in real life) and unless I suddenly wake up one morning with natural #browsonfleek I will keep using this dye for the foreseeable future. 

I have tried other brands, but for whatever reason Eylure seems to work better and I prefer the texture of the dye to others which are a bit thinner and I worry it may drip down/run as I leave it on for the maximum amount of time.

Nic from Pixiwoo recently did a video showing the process in action if you are still unsure as to the simplicity of it 

I have been AWOL for a very long time, my computer broke and I have just upgraded to a decent phone that enables me to use Blogger. I was using my Instagram as my main contact, and in doing so have become an addict! I will definitely use Blogger again now my phone is able to, but you will always be able to find me on Instagram and occasionally Twitter. 

Think I will have to trawl back through my Instagram and do short posts on the products I mentioned on there. Eeesh!

Love Caiti xxx

*This post is in no way sponsored/paid for, I purchased the product myself with my own money*

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